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5 Emerging SEO Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

If you are new in SEO and you think that it is a stagnant process that doesn’t change its rules, think again.  Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing science and Google is annually updating its algorithm to advertise their products better. Therefore, search engines are yearly evaluating their SEO techniques to see what needs to be changed, improved or finally disregarded. This year is not an exception. New strategies that will be the core of optimization advancement are here.

The following will surely become the SEO game changer sooner:

1. Latent Semantic Indexing

Times have changed and carefully placing keywords in your page content won’t be able to sustain your optimization needs anymore. If before, SEO keywords can save even the not-so-good contents of your site; the same thing doesn’t apply to what Google has done nowadays. Latent semantic indexing is a method that uses data from billions of Google sites to evaluate the words potentially mixed. The algorithm will then recognize the contents that flow unnaturally in an attempt to pass the requirements of SEO. Therefore, the key is to create content that flows organically to amp up your SEO chances

2. SERP Features

The complex science of SEO already made the organic search ranking an outdated optimization method. SERP features (e.g., knowledge graph, rich snippets, local panels, paid results, and more) are now changing the game with its advanced optimization approach. In this modern age, you should double your effort to know the features that are obscuring your results. By using tools such as RankTracker, you will be able to see the features that are overshadowing and picking up your keywords. From this evaluation, you will be able to know how you can manage your SERP feature optimization. Perhaps, you can get into the local pack or the rich snippets section to make your results more visible.

3. Voice Search

Voice search is becoming more and more of a trend nowadays. A lot of teenagers and adults opt to answer their immediate questions by talking instead of typing into the search bar. It means that this feature should not be neglected if you aim to improve your SEO potential. In your next optimization endeavor, your content should be versatile enough for both text and voice search. With this in mind, your page will not only gain SEO potential, but it will also be user-friendly.

4. Mobile as Prime Priority

You can’t deny it: mobile is officially the most significant source of search engine traffics. Therefore, the desktop first strategy won’t improve your SEO potential any longer. Google made this even more prominent by announcing its mobile-first approach. The leading search engine made it clear that they will penalize those who won’t follow this new method accordingly. It is proof that the modern evolution aims to make net surfing an innovative, user-friendly experience.

5. Speed Improvement

Whether you admit it or not, your site speed has an impact on your website’s search engine rankings. Aside from being a broad basis of your page’s online presence, site speed is also a foundation of satisfactory user experience. To check the pace of your site, execute a site speed test by using an application such as Google’s free page speed insights tool. This process will give you a detailed assessment of your website’s speed performance and recommendations to improve your page results.

The game of SEO is continuously updating, and it’s up to you whether to adopt the above trends or not. One thing is for sure, Google is exerting considerable efforts to improve their search engine for optimal user experience further and to remove websites that doctored their content just for the sake of visibility.


Kellen Tallada

Entrepreneur Kellen Tallada is the Co-Founder of MojoSEO with 18 years of digital marketing experience including web design, SEO, social media and PPC/SEM advertising.

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