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Dealing With Problems Concerning Localized SEO

Ever since the internet was invented, it has played a significant role in connecting people from different parts of the world. Not only that, as time changed, technology and the internet also changed into a more advanced version. It is not surprising, though, because it is natural for people to look for improvements and innovations that can make life easier and more productive. That is when people realized that localized SEO is essential in promoting their business to the world.  

Localized SEO: The Problems

Using localized SEO became effective and gave advantages to business owners. All they need to do is to partner with a trusted digital agency, and voila! Their business is introduced around the world. 

But what if there are still problems along the way? Undoubtedly, your effort, time, and money can go to waste. Your business may not become famous, and your investment can be at risk. All because the simple details like location-specific content, location-specific pages, incorrect Google listings, low social media appeal, and empty review were not given consideration or attention by the digital agency or marketing company you hired.

If you face problems in promoting your business online, you should continue reading to learn the simple solutions that will change your business status today. Dealing with localized SEO problems is not hard; all you need is patience, knowledge, and the best digital agency or marketing company to handle your small business.

Top 5 “To Dos” When Dealing with Localized SEO Issues

Since the strategy focuses on advertising your products and services to local customers, optimizing your local SEO means you’ll receive more website traffic and conversions to improve your local brand. Focusing on specific local-SEO approaches, you can effectively offset other competitive brands’ that mostly rely on brand recognition through utilizing relevant keywords. However, there are some problems that you might encounter along the way. Here are some solutions to achieve successful local SEO optimizations:

  1. What to do when my business site has no location-specific content?

Location-specific content is essential in generating your business online. Without location-specific content, it will be challenging to compete with other companies online, and it will be impossible to attract customers and clients. The solution needed to solve this is to focus on marketing content using local-centric keywords which can easily appeal to the local audience. Offer people relevant topics and original ideas that they can’t find on any site but your site. To make your marketing content more interesting, add images and photos to catch their attention. Always include meta description as an attribute embedded in location-specific content.

  1. What to do when my business site has no location-specific pages?

If your business page’s title and URLs are constructed the wrong way, you’ll encounter problems on searches because location-specific pages are missing. When this problem happens, you need to optimize your business page by adding local elements and your brand, products, and services together. Don’t just focus on generic page titles. Try to be more creative and unique in presenting your business.

  1. What to do when my business site has multiple incorrect listings on Google?

Undoubtedly, every business that encounters multiple errors in the business listings on Google is stressful and problematic. The chance to have more customers and clients is at stake. To avoid this, claim your business listings on significant business portals such as Google Places. Always make sure that the homepage entries in your listings all point to the same URL. 

  1. What to do when my business lacks social media appeal?

When promoting a business, social media sites are one of the best tools to use. But what if, after all the promotions you have made with preferred social media sites, your business is still not appealing to the people? You might feel that your effort has been wasted. The best solution is to look for business guidelines on platforms you have chosen, for example, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Look for Social Marketing Solutions. It is also essential to connect or communicate with your customers and clients; you can also use Google+ for Business. 

  1. What to do when my business has no good reviews?

Good reviews are considered excellent criteria in presenting to people that your business site is credible and reliable, but what if it doesn’t have any reviews from your customers? Some might think writing fake reviews and posting them online will benefit your business. But, it may not help your business yield many clients. The ideal solution for this problem is to ask your customers directly to write a review for you. You can put a review section below your business site where everyone can see and notice it. Don’t forget to conform with Google Places Guidelines when asking customers or clients to write a review for you. 

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