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How Can SEO Help Businesses Succeed and Grow in 2019?

As the internet connects almost every individual nowadays, digital marketing provides modern solutions to business owners across the globe. This reach eliminates market boundaries and expands the target market of their services and products. Every business caters to the individual needs of their target market. They reach their audience and potential clients by creating and publishing website content relevant to their business through search engines that include Yahoo!, Bing, and Google – this is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. For digital marketers and specialists, it is a challenging feat to keep up with the latest updates in Search Engine Optimization, but investing in SEO can help businesses achieve their desired goals.



What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is an advertising strategy that plays a vital role in placing a business’ website in the top rankings. It is through driving traffic through search engine searches. Based on recent findings, Google performs approximately 63,000 searches every second, every day. For any search query, millions of search results appear on search engines. The top result means that it is the most relevant information for the user’s query, and it receives the most traffic from people. With a groundbreaking SEO strategy, businesses can gain exposure online which means that there is a greater chance they will be able to sell their products and services.


Five Benefits of SEO to Businesses

Webmasters have been developing algorithms to ensure that the organic search results match every query. If the website content of the business qualifies the search query, then search engines can place it on top of the search results. Most businesses have adopted an SEO marketing strategy due to its effectiveness. Here are some benefits that Search Engine Optimization delivers to businesses to help them grow in the long run:

  • SEO drives qualified traffic.

The top spot of search engine results in Yahoo!, Google, and Bing receive the impressions and clicks of the audience, so business on top can lead to increased traffic for a website. With the competitive market, it is essential not only to drive traffic to websites but also to engage qualified traffic. Search Engine Optimization can place the business on top of the search results by optimizing the website with a proper link address, meta description, headline, and cover photo to drive the users to the site.

  • SEO creates a stronger relationship with the audience.

Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective SEO strategies. Business websites with blog content are more likely to appear in search engine results compared to sites with no published content. If the webpage of the business provides excellent user experience, customers and potential clients may favor it, and the business can create a strong relationship with its audience.

  • SEO delivers long-lasting results.

The drawback of traditional marketing methods, such as outdoor advertisements, radio channel promotions, and running print ads, is businesses can lose hundreds of dollars in a fraction of second if there are no favorable results in a particular time frame. Thus, Search Engine Optimization is a better option since it allows the business to take advantage of the twists and turns of the Internet and helps them stay on top of the competition. As interest in the business increases over time, its website can reach more potential clients through search engines.

  • SEO increases brand identity.

Establishing a brand identity is no easy feat for businesses with traditional marketing tools. With a well-established SEO strategy, businesses can build substantial brand value and deliver results without a huge lump investment. Thus, Search Engine Optimization is a credible and reliable marketing tool to increase the visibility of a business website. It is also to boost its reputation.

  • SEO provides an edge to small businesses.

Start-up and small-scale businesses find it difficult to exceed the spending limits of large enterprises in AdWords. But with an effective SEO strategy, they can get ahead of their competitors. They can also gain a higher ranking in search engine results. Since established companies depend on advertisements, small businesses can count on a savvy Search Engine Optimization master plan. This can help them attract potential clients to their website.


Get Some Help From the SEO Experts Today!

In today’s ever-growing digital landscape, new opportunities are always open for businesses to thrive and succeed. However, these updates require that businesses hire an experienced person or team to focus on understanding. It si executing changes in the online visibility of the brand. Do not underestimate the power of Search Engine Optimization in the digital marketing industry! At MojoSEO, you can expect business rewards as we deliver promising results. Invest in digital marketing today to push your business forward and keep up with the competition! Call us at 720-439-6715 to learn more!


Kellen Tallada

Entrepreneur Kellen Tallada is the Co-Founder of MojoSEO with 18 years of digital marketing experience including web design, SEO, social media and PPC/SEM advertising.

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