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How Many Citations a Local Business Needs to Top Competition

In local SEO, it is undeniable that citations are one of the essential pieces to complete the puzzle of success. By keeping your name, address and phone number (NAP) consistent throughout different channels and platforms on the Internet, it can influence Google’s decision and put your business on top of the local search results. Furthermore, citations can help a local business gain the trust of their consumers.

While it’s long proven that working on citations can impact the presence of your business a lot, most owners do not have an idea about how many citations they need to be able to defeat competitors. Recently, Bright Local conducted a study which involves 122,125 local businesses. There are 26 industries included in the assessment, and the primary objectives are as follow:

  1. What is the average number of citations for firms in a specific sector
  2. What is the average number of citations businesses in 1-10 spots have?
  3. What are the most famous citation sites for each industry?
  4. How many local businesses are not taking advantage of the top citation sites?

By delving into a massive pool of citation data and carefully analyzing the citation profiles of every business included in the study, Bright Local has concluded the following:

  • Local business must have an average of 81 citations to be able to make it to the top 10 of Google’s search results.
  • If you’re aiming to get the top spot, a local business must have an average of 86 citations.
  • The business industries with the highest number of citations are hotels, bars, and restaurants, followed by medical practices.
  • The industries with the lowest average on citations are photography, trading, and storage business.
  • Facebook is the top performing citation site, followed by Yelp, Mapquest, Yellow Pages, and Manta.
  • 5% of local businesses do not have citations on the most popular sites.

While hospitality-related industries dominate the local search when it comes to the number of citations, you don’t have to lose heart as there is no magic formula. The secret is to make sure that you are competing in the right places. One more thing to remember is not all citations and business directories are equally created. There are better chances of having higher levels of authority about your business information under well-indexed portals.

Important Tips in Citation

  1. Your business name, address and contact information should be consistent. Consider these details the constant signatures of your business.
  2. Your contact number in the citation sites and on your website should be the same.
  3. Fill out all the significant information and don’t leave any blanks.
  4. Grab all the opportunities to be listed in local citation listings that don’t have a link back to your website.

If you’re aiming to rank higher in Google Maps or local search engines, then you should focus on building up your business presence in the local SEO search. Yes, it will take time, effort, and energy to get it right. Fortunately, the experts are just within the corner. MojoSEO will help you identify the best local citation sites and will ensure your business gets listed today!


Kellen Tallada

Entrepreneur Kellen Tallada is the Co-Founder of MojoSEO with 18 years of digital marketing experience including web design, SEO, social media and PPC/SEM advertising.

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