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How Social Media Made an Impression in Business

In the digital age, the necessity of social media has become prominent. How you may ask? Business is a social event in a professional manner. Business is a social event that involves the selling and buying of products. The old way of doing business is having the customer go to a store and checking out. In this way, the customer comes in person, sees the product in person, and decides whether he or she will purchase it.

Nowadays, the internet plays a big role in the business world. The customer can visit a website to purchase a product. They choose what products they would like to see. Images and descriptions for that product are then shown to the customer. With this, the customer does not have to go to a store in person to see the product. The internet provides all the necessary descriptions for the product being sold.

Through the advancement of the internet and social media, images and videos are used to increase the appeal of a product. Videos demonstrate and illustrate the product to show what it can offer. Hence, social media is an effective trend in digital business marketing.

How Social Media Makes an Impact on Business

Every business is different in the way they advertise, demonstrate, and sell the products they have. From black and white imprints to colored images, people utilize different types of media as a form of advertisement.

Media still continues to be important for advertising since the creation of the internet. Socially, people connect, communicate, and illustrate ideas through the internet. With the majority of the world being knowledgeable about the internet, businesses started to flock toward the web. Utilizing the resources the internet provides, businesses can attract customers. Due to this, businesses use media such as pictures, videos, and streaming as a conduit to awareness of their business.

Channeling Business Through Media!

The rapid growth of social media plays an important role in business by taking advantage of its diverse and boundless resources. Businesses utilize different social media platforms to increase awareness of the brand, promotions, and product sales.

Social media trends come with benefits and downsides. Here are three social trends that will make a huge impact in 2019:

  1. Video Supremacy

Videos on the web, with the help of optimization and personalization, allowing you to connect with your audience in an assertive way. Hence, it builds rapport between the brand you are promoting and the consumer you want to reach. Video is one of the most viable ways to attract and interact with the audience at hand because it takes minimal effort to press play and watch a video on the web.

  1. The Regime of the Stream

Live video streaming is becoming another way to influence consumers. A click of the button is all it takes to view the product, watch the demonstration, and decide whether the product is compelling enough to purchase or not. Live streams are much more appealing to viewers, rather than a regular video, because of the immediate cause-and-effect stimulation. Live streaming allows users to react and comment immediately to grow the relationship.

  1. The Prime of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is an inevitable addition to social media, which is undeniably flourishing. Hence, technology can generate simulations that look like real life. It makes graphics, sounds, and images part of reality from the viewer’s perspective. A popular example of the use of augmented reality is in the game Pokémon Go. This technology uses a unique way to make players collect Pokémon characters in nearby areas and in public places. It amassed 147 million users a month in its prime.

To sum it all up, social media is an ever-growing platform. The trends influencing social media are all consumer-based, meaning constant communication between users and viewers is taking effect. In addition to that, it has the capacity to adapt to business trends at a phenomenal rate. Video streaming makes it possible for businesses to demonstrate their products to the consumers, live streaming allows for real-time demonstration for the viewers to watch, and augmented reality has the potential that makes viewers experience the product themselves first hand by unifying the digital and real worlds.

By incorporating social media into your business, you bring your business and customers together.


Kellen Tallada

Entrepreneur Kellen Tallada is the Co-Founder of MojoSEO with 18 years of digital marketing experience including web design, SEO, social media and PPC/SEM advertising.

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