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How to Maximize the Impact of User-Generated Content With SEO

Search engines need information from websites to rank those sites. The best way for a website to provide information to search engines is to create personalized campaigns for their target audiences. However, user-generated content (UGC) can sometimes be redundant, low quality, and spammy. For these reasons, UGC sometimes earns you a manual action from search engines like Google. 


So, to make sure that your content will not negatively impact your ranking on search engines, you need to maximize your content thoroughly.

What Is User-Generated Content?

UGC is a gold mine in marketing and often overlooked. This marketing strategy is something that you can use to understand your audience as well as the things that they find engaging. Customer insights through UGC can also help your brand to generate leads and increase sales. 

For starters, user-generated content is any type of content created by unpaid contributors. This content may be in the form of text posts, photos, videos, and product reviews, to name a few. It significantly impacts consumers’ purchasing decisions. Additionally, it brings a positive effect to search rankings. Search engines rank websites based on how significant and useful their content is. 

One of the unique elements of UGC is that it helps build consumer trust and relationships. It also establishes reciprocity for your customers.

The best advocates of your business are your customers. Regardless if you are selling a product or offering a service, the user experience you offer can convert your customers into an extension of your marketing team. This can be done through the help of UGC. Through social media, it became the norm for users to show off products or services they received. Through posting a photo of their newly purchased product, they are promoting that product publicly, which will make the brand more popular. 

Social media platforms and UGC also go a long way. Executing a UGC campaign online is an excellent strategy to strengthen your brand. This strategy can also build a consumer relationship. You can also take advantage of content curation through UGC. Content curation involves sourcing and sharing the most relevant third-party content with your audience. UGC makes excellent third party content, so it’s no surprise that it reaches many people. 

In addition, UGC can help you get audience insight that you can use to improve your product or service. 

3 Types of User-Generated Content Brands Should Be Using

UGC, when properly utilized, can help significantly leverage your brand. From social media posting to customer reviews, there are thousands of ways that your customers can share their insights about your product or service. The popularity of the internet has also impacted UGC. It can be an advantage for brands when it comes to building their name in the online world. 

Here are 3 UGC marketing strategies that brands should be using:


  • User-Generated Images

    If you are a brand that is selling a product to customers, images can be a very powerful marketing tool. Your customer’s product photos provide other people with personal details about them. These images can positively affect other people’s decision in purchasing. Adding user-generated images will also add additional points of trust and transparency to your brand.

  • Feedback

    Customer feedback is more open-ended than any other UGC, as it can be any type of feedback. This can occur in the form of Q&A, FAQs, or anything that lets users give direct feedback about your brand, product, or service. In some cases, there are platforms, forums, for instance, that let consumers ask and answer questions about the product that a brand offers. These forums add to the credibility of the brand since the consumers themselves are giving feedback about the brand.

  • Ratings and Reviews

    Unlike the open-ended feedback, ratings and reviews are more straightforward. Some brands allow customers to give direct feedback—one of the most substantial types of UGC. Ratings and reviews from people who have purchsed a particular product or service serve as a guide for other users on whether or not they should trust the brand.

UGC is paramount to conversations. By showing your potential customers some UGC, you are showing them that your brand can be trusted. Most consumers read reviews before they make a purchase. This means that user-generated content plays a vital role in your business’s success. UGC is like digital word of mouth. This helps you promote your brand while saving your organization time and financial resources. 

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