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How to Outshine Your Competitors in Local Search Results by Crafting Valuable Content

Are you an aspiring online marketer who dreams of putting your brand on the first page of local search results? If you have tried over and over again and repeatedly failed, then perhaps this guideline from SEO experts will inspire you to try once more. In this article, we will highlight the importance of creating content that is specifically focused on your location. 

Perhaps as a digital marketer, you have witnessed how the dawn of mobile search has altered the landscape of search engine marketing. However, SEO professionals claim that the area which received the most impact is local search. 

Currently, most online entrepreneurs are aware of Pigeon, a Google update that was introduced in 2014. This new feature increased the chances of local directories to be found in search engine results. This update significantly enhanced the importance of SEO as well. Notably, the usage of mobile devices in terms of searching for goods and services had already surpassed the percentage of desktop users. According to Google, one-third of these mobile searches are local. Knowing this, it is not surprising that local SEO becomes an integral part of a brand’s marketing efforts. 

There are proven strategies that can help you increase your brand’s organic visibility. Claiming your listings in local directories, improving local reviews, and using long-tail keywords are just a few. However, there is an area that you can work on to double your chances of beating your local competitors. 

Content Optimization as Part of Your Local SEO Strategy

You can’t join a championship game in the search results without first beating the competitors within your geographic area. As an aspiring online marketer, you must know the secret of using the most appropriate local keywords not only to reach your target audience but to dampen competition as well. Of course, this step requires you to optimize your website depending on your locale. It must be mobile-friendly, and it must incorporate a schema markup. 

Microsoft conducted a survey and found out that only 17% of local marketers display a schema markup in their brands’ websites. Only a few know that sites with structured data have higher chances of communicating their brand’s message as well as their location to search engines. This method cannot improve your rankings overnight. However, it can help you optimize your pages and make them relevant to your targeted local keywords. Ultimately, this technique will boost your ranking in local search packs. 

To boost local ranking, your pages’ titles and meta description tags must have local keywords. Furthermore, to define your brand geographically and topically, it is highly recommended to use long-tail keywords. For instance, overarching webpages may display “Denver SEO Firm” while your blog post can have the keywords “Best SEO Firms in Denver.” 

Inserting the word “Denver” in both pages can help the search engine in terms of indexing your content for SEO and Denver-related searches. Here’s a vital tip — try inserting geographic keywords at the beginning of the descriptions’ tags as often as possible. This technique can help you avoid your keywords being shortened in search results. 

On the other hand, if your business operates in different locations, consider updating your location pages as well. Provide your website visitors with valuable information such as clients’ testimonials from a particular place of business, as well as local landmarks. 

How to Produce Localized Content

Take time to interview your local customers in a face-to-face manner. Be mindful of the criteria and search terms that you used in your research and personal interviews. Then, using Facebook’s Audience Insights, you can run an analysis of this data. Ultimately, you’ll identify the psychographics and demographics of your target audience. This information can help you come up with the most appropriate local content. 

In terms of measuring search volumes for particular keywords, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner. This method can help you identify other potential groups of customers.

To find out your website’s performance as well as your traffic data, run an analytics audit from time to time. This method can help you determine how your potential customers are trying to reach you. Is it through search, direct traffic, or social? What are the most commonly used keywords? If you know the answers to these crucial questions, then you can quickly decide on a local content topic that would appeal to your target audience. Moreover, you’ll also learn which the best online platforms and channels where you can publish your content. 

Remember, local content is different from a blog post. The former incorporates a variety of strategies, such as optimized landing pages, complete with descriptions and local photos. You must also optimize online reviews and work on sharing user-generated posts. 

Here are some topic recommendations for your next piece of local content: 

  • Write-ups that feature local events
  • Interesting local stories or news
  • Industry-centered write-ups that are unique to your locale
  • Content that answers local questions such as “Where can you shop for the cheapest furniture in Denver, Colorado?”
  • Write-ups that can generate coverage from the local media

If you want your content to be unique and authentic, you can also do it by becoming an active member of your community. Use the following tips to gain experience firsthand. 

  • Attend local events or celebrations
  • Host your own event
  • Be a sponsor for a community event
  • Guest post on community blogs
  • Volunteer to be a speaker in local schools or universities


By doing the above, you are not only propelling your local content toward the first page of Google but you are also establishing yourself as a community leader. Remember, you must have strategies in place before you publish your local content on different channels. Take note of high-ranking landing pages and social media channels. 


Let MojoSEO Guide You as You Discover the Importance of Optimized Local Content

Most online marketers claim that they know how to execute local SEO; however, all they can do is implement the basics. The digital landscape is fast-changing, and a local business owner who doesn’t want to welcome advanced SEO strategies would soon be left out. If you don’t want to be one of them, talk to us immediately. You can reach our localized SEO experts at 720-439-6715 or visit our website for more information.


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