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How You Can Increase Your Website Ranking in Local Search

For years, ranking in local search has become difficult for businesses due to the competition in the industry. Webmasters of search engines have updated the algorithms used to ensure that the organic search results match every search query. Furthermore, Digital marketers and SEO specialists should be aware of the recent updates so they can make the necessary changes to their strategies. If they miss out on the changes, they can lose their online presence in a fraction of a second. Fortunately, revisions in local search engine results are not all bad news. SEO experts can improve their local SEO campaign to substantial effects on the rankings.



The Notion Behind Local Search Rankings

Digital marketers and specialists boost the online presence of business websites through local SEO. They aim to generate more potential clients and place the webpage on top of local search rankings. Whether the business has a brick-and-mortar location or services a specific neighborhood, a well-rounded local SEO strategy allows the company to tap into the community. They also help customers find web pages that are relevant to their queries. Several strategies have emerged to improve local SEO. They increase the chances a business will appear in the local results on search engines. It is no easy feat to rank as a local business due to the ever-changing environment of SEO. Nevertheless, it is essential to consider the factors that influence local search visibility.

Experts recommend creating and optimizing a Google My Business account. Why? To establish a presence – for free – on the search engine. If Google authenticates the website as legitimate, it would appear on the sidebar space of the search engine. The regular reviews of clients and customers also contribute to the online visibility of a website. To optimize a page through customer’s reviews, business owners should respond to existing reviews professionally. This can be done by posting thank yous to reviewers and addressing complaints on negative feedback.


The Three Pillars of an Effective Local Ranking Strategy

Unfortunately, it is a challenging feat to top the listings. A business must rely on well-established local SEO performance to achieve better online visibility. Local SEO is an unexploited yet significant opportunity for startup and medium-scale businesses. As the competition battles for the top spots of the organic search, companies attempt to generate exposure with potential customers actively looking within the neighborhood. Here are a few powerful tips on how to rank in local searches using the three pillars — relevance, proximity, and prominence — to stay ahead of the competition.


  • Relevance: How to Increase Your Online Relevance

If you are optimizing your Bing Places Listings, Google My Business Listings, or Yahoo Listings, you must aim to ensure that the name, address, and contact number of your business is correct, and you have claimed the listing. Moreover, businesses should adequately fill out the local category selection and business description. That way, they provide users with information and so they can decide if the business meets their needs.


  • Prominence: How to Establish Your Brand Online

In organic search engines, brands with an established online presence seem more reliable compared to businesses with a negative image. You can build up and grow your economic position through positive online reviews, citations, and inbound links. If you ask yourself, would you depend on business with hundreds of reviews or with only a dozen?


  • Proximity: How to Accurately Fulfill the Search Query of the User

If your business is relevant to the search query of the user and has a strong online presence, the proximity between the query and the searcher is the last ranking factor. Webmasters frequently update the algorithms. They do this to guarantee users that the search results are relevant. Moreover, users can perform a local search with non-geo modified, geo-modified, and Near Me. This ensures they get the most relevant results around them, close to the center of the city, and near them, respectively.


Above all, to maximize the reach of local businesses, placing on top of search engine results is arguably the easiest and most cost-effective strategy to generate potential customers and sales. With the stiff competition, optimizing the local business is an uphill battle. Modern search engines, such as Google, utilize several factors to evaluate the relevance and authority of webpages. Following the three pillars of ranking in local searches will help your business generate the results you need to obtain a new level of success. Keep on top of your competition today, stay ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape, and focus on the three pillars of local rankings with MojoSEO! Give us a call at 720-439-6715 to learn more!


Kellen Tallada

Entrepreneur Kellen Tallada is the Co-Founder of MojoSEO with 18 years of digital marketing experience including web design, SEO, social media and PPC/SEM advertising.

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