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Local Citations 2019: How to Build a Strong Connection Online

Technology helps people connect in all aspects of their relationships. A lot of businessmen and marketing firms today depend on technology to promote their businesses online using search engine optimization (SEO). Technology has improved the way people market their business. Among the developed innovative ideas concerning digital marketing is the local citation strategy. In this article, we will take a look at how this online method had evolved over the years.

Local Citation: What It Is and How It Works 

Local citation, in the simplest SEO terms, is where your company name, addresses, and contact numbers get displayed online for people to contact and find your business quickly. In fact, this information can be viewed in business directories, websites, or even apps and social media platforms. Citations help people on the Internet discover new business and can help you be a part of the most local search in Google.

For Google to rank and understand that your business legitimately exists, you should provide true and accurate information and reliable sources about your business. Hence, search engine rankings are a significant factor in becoming a successful company on the Internet. Moreover, links, feedback, and reviews of customers online are a factor in having a high rank.


How Local Citations Can Help Your Business

1. Google can display your business listing

If Google verifies that your information and the listed sources you submitted are valid and reliable, Google will likely display your business listing, products, and services you provide on the top of search results. Also, you can set up and optimize your own Google+ Local Business Page and take advantage of it with your local citations.

2. Local citations can help you outrank competitors

If you acquire citations online, it can help you improve your business and outrank established competitors on Google with the help of Google+ Local Map Listing. Also, it enables you to be more credible, legitimate, and trustworthy in the eyes of Google users. Citations can do more magic than you imagine.

3. It doesn’t need linkbacks

Citations don’t need to link back to a website to be deemed valuable. The main point of a citation is that you should never forget to mention the name of your business. There is no problem if you link back your citations. The thing is, the more your business name is searched for by people online, the more your business will appear in local rankings. That’s the power of citations. They can stand alone.


Guide for Building Citations for Your Local Business

Structuring citations can be time-consuming, difficult, and demanding. It is essential that you invest your time and money outsourcing the work to a trustworthy and credible service provider.

The following information can help you build your citations properly:

  •   Email address

Your email address should be a business email associated with your website. Using your personal Gmail or Yahoo is not advisable. Your listing submissions will look more trusted and rank higher faster when you use an email associated with your business website.

  •   Consistency

The information you provide on your citations should all be similar for every site you are going to post on. Consistency is vital in building citations properly, and it plays a critical role in developing your brand authority online. Don’t worry about minor differences in formatting, as long as all the essential details are the same.

  •   Categorize

You should also take into consideration selecting the category that best describes your business. Does it fit your business nature? Is it friendly to all users? Categorizing means people can easily reach and search for your business.

  •   Add details correctly

Business name, description, images, links to all your social media accounts, logo, and operating hours should be put on your citations correctly. Incorrect details in citation listings can affect your business significantly.

  •   Claim listings

Several sites require owners to verify their listings via Google My Business, Bing, and email, among others. A verification code comes via email or phone. Then, the company will call your business. All you have to do is to enter the code for you to claim your listing. Remember, verified listings are more trustworthy and have more authority on the Internet.


If you do not use citations properly, your online business will have a hard time competing with big and popular brands in the market. Need assistance? Try MojoSEO — they can help you create and boost your local influence on Google and other top-rated search engines. Visit our website or call 720-439-6715 for more information.


Kellen Tallada

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