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Reputation Management: The Newest Tool in Revolutionizing your Reviews

In our modern digital era, reputation management has now become an essential factor in the success of a business. There is a recent survey which shows the importance of reviews for the local shops. According to that survey, 85 % of the clients trust the online reviews than a personal recommendation. Business reviews are not only important for the consumers but to local businesses as well. They are likely becoming more proactive about review gatherings.

These things only show the competition between different businesses to gain consumer’s trust. This means that it is indispensable for every local company to have a solid reputation management strategy.  

However, gathering consumer reviews from many review sites can be costly and time-consuming when monitoring, generating and responding to online reviews. The reason why a reputation management system was created is to provide you with the necessary details and reviews for your business in a more natural way.

This tool can allow you to get the number of reviews from your clients, report and monitor the review performance and also directly respond in Facebook and Google reviews. However, there are lots of things that this tool has to offer.

  1. Get Reviews

Using this tool, you can surely grow your business’ online reviews through having the easiest way in contacting your clients; ask for feedbacks and guiding them on writing reviews on your business’ most important sites.

  1. Managing the positive and negative feedback

Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system in gauging the experiences of your clients is the way that reputation manager does in managing the feedbacks for your business. In this section, the customers will score your business from zero up to ten and describe their experience in engaging in your store. You can see their feedbacks and scores given in your campaign report. You can also see the different review sites that they clicked to review your business. It is instrumental in managing the experience of the happy and the not-so-happy clients through the threshold for the negative and positive scores.

  1. Monitoring different reviews

Now, it is possible to track the review growth of your business and be aware of your latest reviews. You can analyze each review for you to know what is going on with your reputation on the different sites.

  1. Directly respond to different reviews

Reputation management has made reacting to the reviews on Google easy for you. Through linking your GMB account, it is now possible for you to respond to Google reviews within the reputation manager report.

The Cost of the Reputation Manager

Reputation manager is now possible to access by every interested client. There is absolutely no change in reviewing the monitor credits and get free reviews campaigns for each plan.

What to expect for reputation manager?

Launching this tool is only the start of the commitment to developing your competitive advantage as well as boosting your reviews. Below are the soon to be features that will make this tool an ideal and better for you.

  1.  Using SMS in sending reviews-requests to clients
  2. Getting more reviews through the online review page
  3. Help clients in uploading contacts and replying to replies through the client access portal for different agencies.
  4. Displaying the reviews on your facebook and website.

Why do we need reputation management?

  •    It is crucial in consolidating the presence of your brand

Making yourself easy to find is the stepping stone in establishing an online reputation. You will have to purchase different domain names that will cover the variations of your business’ name. Thus, all of them must direct on your primary website. If a person makes a small error in typing your URL, don’t worry because they can still find you. In addition to this, your social media pages, sites, and blogs can be linked to each other and if your basic information and data are easily available to help the clients and the search engines in identifying you.

  •    Finding new opportunities

Getting negative reviews can ruin your plans in gaining or having new clients or business partners. This kind of review can also damage your reputation online. You want to have an image of being an expert in an industry, and you will want to resolve this problem immediately. This one can be solved by reaching out to different social media followers and providing solutions to unhappy customers. Also, it can highlight your other activities like giving and volunteering to a community and organizations and also participating in industry events. It would be best if you also made sure that the people are aware of your company’s name. Thus, they see you in a positive side before they hear a negative word about you.

Reasons why we need to manage our online reputation:

  •    It can help increase sales

There is no doubt that the internet is the primary place where most of the people reach out when they are finding solutions or specific products.  It is also considered as the best sources when it comes to research. It has the capacity on easily connecting to different people who have the contribution to the topic. Engaging to a potential client online through indirect and direct ways such as social media posts is one of the better ways of improving your business’ sales.  

  •    Boosts Credibility

Having the trust of your client is an essential factor in the success of a company. The internet allows your clients to be a citizen journalist by raising their voice online. This is to give other people awareness if they are happy or not with the services that you provide.

Now, what can you say about reputation management? We are hoping that this new tool will be beneficial to you. If you need more information on how to develop your business, visit Mojoseo today. Be at the top of the competition! Our digital marketing specialists will surely assist you with your needs.


Kellen Tallada

Entrepreneur Kellen Tallada is the Co-Founder of MojoSEO with 18 years of digital marketing experience including web design, SEO, social media and PPC/SEM advertising.

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