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SEO Marketing: How to Boost Seasonal Traffic

SEO is critical throughout the year. However, are you aware that you need to switch up your SEO marketing for the holidays? Studies and surveys show 51% polled clients said that they rely on search engines in finding the best gifts. They also search for tips about hosting a holiday party and different recipes. It means that the holidays are the best times to convince and attract a customer to your website. This is also the best time to maximize your sales. However, to make this possible, you need your SEO to be optimized primarily for this season.

Good thing, you don’t need to worry about the complete overhauling of your SEO strategy. You only need to push yourself on the top of the competition. There is no need to waste time because the holiday is near.

Below are the different steps in boosting your seasonal SEO traffic:

  1. Be specific in using the seasonal keywords

Yes, you have a list of keywords that you use to drive traffic to your site throughout the year, but you also need to add seasonal keywords during particular seasons. Customers are surely searching in the web for the perfect places and gifts and the use of holiday terms in finding different items. You can now use the Google trends in discovering the key phrases that the users are searching during holidays.

It would be best if you think about the possible searching keywords of your potential clients. You need to take advantage of the search terms which are popular and will lead the clients straight to your shop. One of the strategies you should also keep in mind is adding the year in your keyword. This is to convince and attract customers who are searching for current products.

  1. Use holiday-themed post

It is no secret that people are always turning to Google in searching for different ideas for holidays. You need to start producing a holiday-themed blog post if you want to be in the result of their search in their queries.  You need to have different ideas and plan regarding your posts for the holiday seasons. However, it would help if you also made sure that the topics that you will use are related to your business and will help the customers solve their problem.

  1. Landing pages optimization

If you are interested in attracting big crowds of traffic during holidays, you are obliged to restore your current landing pages for this season. You need to take keywords which are seasonal and add them in your landing pages. Make sure that you have internal links in your holiday themed product and content. It is also essential to change your meta description and title, update the videos and images for the holiday seasons.

  1. Holiday’s gift guide is important

The digital holiday gift guide is essential in attracting customers to your online store. This guide will not only help the customers experience a smooth holiday shopping, but they are also the best for SEO marketing because it can feature many products. A well-executed guide allows decreasing the clicks’ number between product and homepage which is an advantage for your SEO site.

Producing a new webpage for the gift guide should include seasonal phrases, links, and keywords. These are essential in boosting your gift guide in a search result. Also, you can try getting some guide which is featured by other websites to gain more links that will lead back to your site.

Are you afraid that you don’t have time to prepare these things for the holiday season? Well, worry no more because Mojoseo is ready to help you in stepping your SEO marketing for the holiday seasons. With our team members’ help, your website will surely be in front of the result of the search engine and the customers too. Having lots of customers is undoubtedly a better way of celebrating the holiday season.  


Kellen Tallada

Entrepreneur Kellen Tallada is the Co-Founder of MojoSEO with 18 years of digital marketing experience including web design, SEO, social media and PPC/SEM advertising.

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