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Localized SEO

When it comes to digital marketing, it is not a secret that Local SEO is considered as one of the most important pillars of success.

Empower your Brand with Localized SEO!

When it comes to digital marketing, it is not a secret that Local SEO is considered as one of the most important pillars of success. Whether you’re running a small business of a big one, SEO strategies are needed in order to improve your brand’s online visibility, attract more clients and solidify the foundations of your business.
Let us give you an overview of why localized SEO can be your asset and how it can give you a dominant position when it comes to digital marketing.

What is Localized SEO?

As the world is dramatically becoming digitalized, it is not surprising that millions of customers are taking advantage of the local search every single day in order to find out what they need. This digital trend is what business owners must be able to dominate. They have to improve their chances of getting found by these prospective clients. This is where Local SEO plays a major role.

Localized SEO uses a variety of strategies that help a business improve its visibility on location-based searches. By helping a website rank high on major search engines and online business directories such as Google, Google My Business listing, Superpages, Foursquare, Yelp, and Bing Places for Business, your brand can reach a wider range of target audience and qualified leads.

Localized SEO is considered as an extremely targeted online marketing approach as it uses specific geo qualifiers, such as city, state, zip code, and others at a certain locality. By working with a local SEO company that can help you position your business on a spot where there are millions of potential customers that can possibly see the message that you want to convey, then you are increasing your chance of getting leads and ripping higher conversion rate as well.

What are the Major Localized SEO services?

1. Website Localization

A website that is easily accessible and culturally suitable for your target audience can make all the difference. This means that you have to let your prospective customers know the city, county or region wherein your business is operating. Most of the time, the customers are looking for a product or service provider near them. Naturally, the important details must be seen throughout your site. Content strategies work as well. Featuring articles or events involving the local community you are in can also be of great help as it draws audience closer to your website.

2. Building Local Business Citations

This service ensures that your business’ important details such as your company’s name, address and contact number are listed appropriately on existing online business directories and citation sites. Aside from these, you can also include extra information about your brand that can attract potential customers. Citation building can not only help you widen your reach. It can also help you land better on search rankings.

3. Google My Business listing Ownership

In addition to building your local business listing, claiming a Google My Business (GMB) page is an essential step to any kind of business. It helps a company positions itself on the frontline of important Google services, such as Local Search, Maps and Google+ pages. The same strategy must apply to Bing Places for Business, its Microsoft equivalent.

4. Reviews and Ratings Management

Positive, honest and genuine reviews are crucial to any business. Your customers reflect the quality of service that you have and they send signals to various search engines. The amount of reviews that your customers give, as well as the overall quality of the reviews are among the major factors that can affect your rankings when it comes to local search. And of course, you need to watch out for the authority of the review sites as well.

5. Acquiring High-quality Backlinks

If you want your website to be recognized by different search engines as a reliable and trusted source of information, then you must be able to acquire quality backlinks from websites with high-authority. Naturally obtained backlinks can be targeted mostly from online local newspaper, respected business associations, online influencers and bloggers and citation sites.

10 Reasons Why Localized SEO Services Can Serve as Your Magnet for Customers

1. Local customers are taking advantage of the Internet to find what they need—both on desktop and mobile

Convenient and time-saver, the percentage of people using the internet to find the local business that can provide them what they need continues to grow every day. While it’s true that there are still others who rely on printed directories, it is undeniable that the majority are now clinging on the easier way.
According to the studies conducted by highly-trusted sources such comScore, Neustar Localeze and 15 Miles, here are the whopping statistics:

  • PC owners who conduct local searches reached 96%
  • Among the Google searches, 46% are local
  • Local customers relying on search engines and directories in finding local business covers 64%
  • Local mobile searches that result in an offline purchase results in a whopping 78%

2. Local SEO’s timely and accurate targeting allows higher chances of conversion rate

Searchers’ top reason for conducting a local search is to find a particular business. The next common reason is to be able to find the product or the service that they need. While most of them have a certain company’s name in mind, there are still others who literally have no idea and rely on hunting. By using local SEO’s proven search techniques, your business will be in a great position and can be easily found. As concluded, there is no better way to attract a potential customer than making them know you have what they need.

3. Local SEO strategies applied on online directories provide the highest conversion rates

You probably know that local directories rule the first page of various local search results. So it is essential that you get your business listed on these online directories. Among the most popular and reputable channels are Yelp, Foursquare, Citysearch, etc. However, you must ensure that your business’ name, address, contact numbers and other essential information are listed accurately and up-to-date. There are plenty of studies that show how local directory marketing dominates the other traditional advertising options when it comes to conversion rate by up to 50%. So in a simpler term, you’ll have a high chance of convert 1 in 2 qualified leads into an actual sale.

4. The number of mobile Internet users continues to rise

Because mobile devices like phones and tablets are convenient to use and highly-portable, more and more people are using their gadgets in finding a local business wherever they are. In the USA alone, statistics show that mobile internet users have surpassed the 42% desktop users. They now cover 51% of local searchers. It’s a good thing to know that Local SEO strategies can be also applied in mobile marketing. By doing so, rest assured that you’ll never miss out on a prospective customer.

5. Local SEO services are efficient and most of all—cost-effective

Compared to traditional advertising strategies, your business can get a broader exposure if you choose to market your business online using local SEO techniques. These services aim for your brand to be seen by customers who need you, with the right message at the right time and the right place. Moreover, there are plenty of local SEO companies that offer efficient services that fit your budget.

6. Nearly two-thirds of businesses still haven’t claimed their Google My Business listing

While there is plenty of proof showing that claiming ownership of a Google My Business listing can help a company improve its search engine’s ranking, it is quite surprising that only a little over 40% of businesses have done so. This only means that you still have plenty of time to get ahead of your competitors. Using the local SEO strategy, it is highly recommended to strike the iron while it is still hot.

8. 80% of adults have turned to the Internet for information and news about local businesses

Recent statistics have shown the fast decline of traditional advertising. With lots of benefits and a high level of convenience that the Internet brings, it is not surprising that the number of people who read the local newspaper gets fewer and fewer.

9. 88% of local consumers rely on positive online reviews as a basis for choosing a local business

There is no doubt that the word of mouth marketing is very powerful. So if you want to draw potential customers to your business, you must first establish your brand’s reputation. By providing quality services or products, you can gain loyal customers and in turn, ask them to leave a positive review for your company.

10. The Internet is the top choice of local customers for finding information about a particular type of business or product

It is almost unstoppable. More and more people are relying on the Internet for their everyday needs. If your business is not yet listed on the existing search engines, then your competitors have a greater chance of getting the customers that you want to have. By incorporating local SEO strategies into your marketing mix, you are paving the road for your company’s success!

Why Choose MojoSEO as your Local SEO Company?

MojoSEO has been helping local businesses achieve their goals for over 20 years now. Two decades had been spent discovering and mastering the best local SEO strategies that work for any kind of brand. With topnotch SEO experts for different fields, rest assured that we can position your business on the frontline, giving you the majority of opportunities to be discovered by your target audiences. We are based in Denver, Colorado.

72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles.
30% of people using their mobile devices to search are also looking for proximity.

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