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Social Media Marketing

It is undeniable that the impact of social media on SEO will always be among the most favorite topics in the digital industry. In the online marketing world, most marketers are confused about social media and SEO.

Social Media Marketing

In the online marketing world, most marketers have a misconception about social media and SEO. They usually think of these as two separate things, working differently with each toward their own distinct goals. The truth is, social media and SEO must work hand in hand in order to create more value for your audience that will ultimately bring you the success that you desire for your business.

How Can Social Media Help your SEO Marketing Efforts?

Social Media Marketing gives more potential of acquiring quality links.

Since a huge percentage of people use social media all over the world, the decision should be simple. The more often your content is shared on social media platforms, the more people you have reading your content and linking to it.

If your business can provide high-quality and valuable content, it doesn’t really matter whether you do social marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platforms. If your content proves to be good and can attract the interest of your audience, they can easily improve your bounce rate as well as your time-on-site engagement. The main goal of your social media marketing strategies is to encourage audience engagement that will ultimately drive traffic back to your website.

Social Marketing helps you build and retain your audience.

Facebook alone has nearly 2 billion users. That’s an enormous figure. How much more audience can you expect to have if you target other high-performing social media platforms as well? It makes all the difference for your business.

Social media marketing is no doubt one of the easiest and fastest ways of building your brand’s audience. It helps build awareness for your brand. According to studies, over 500 new websites are being created every minute. The power of this kind of marketing can boost the overall presence of your business.

What is the sense of having the best service or product if your target customers do not even know about it?

With MojoSEO, start building your social marketing strategy. The marketplace is competitive but we are here to back you up in your social game.

Social Media Marketing helps you in Branded Searches

Once you have gained a larger audience through your social media platforms, people will start to remember your brand. When they looking for a service or product and they Google your brand name plus a keyword phrase, it can essentially make up the majority of your organic search engine traffic.

If there are more and more users who will conduct branded searches, then Google would think that people are interacting positively with your brand and will place your keyword phrase higher in the search results page. Whether it is a non-branded or a branded search, social media marketing can help you rank for similar keyword phrases.

Social Media Marketing helps in your brand’s promotion.

Social media marketing can help improve your search engine ranking. This is through content promotion. As been stated above, even if you are able to create high-quality and keyword optimized content, it will be irrelevant if you're not able to get the attention of your target audience. Social media marketing allows you to share the content you’ve worked hard on and leverage it to help expand your presence across several channels.

MojoSEO strongly believes that doing well both in SEO and on social media channels gives any kind of business a high chance of getting ahead of its competitors. These two channels must work in tandem to be able to create a digital marketing strategy that will attract and draw more visitors to your website.
Aside from improving your website’s organic ranking in Google, social media marketing can be an invaluable tool over time!

Here’s a wrap-up of what we can do for you:

  • Create Facebook and Youtube Video for Marketing
  • Create Blog Posts with Anchored YouTube Videos
  • Content Promotion through Social Media
  • Building and Nurturing Engagement
  • Social Sharing Can Eventually Lead to Link Building
  • Improving your SEO Rankings by increasing your Brand’s visibility
  • Social Bookmarking

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking helps a lot in building the presence of your blogs on the web. It provides a great way for your readers to be able to bookmark and organize your articles. By increasing the numbers on your subscription list as well as the visitors’ activities on your blog, social bookmarking is considered as one of the drivers of consistent traffic to your website.

What are the top benefits of Social Bookmarking?

It is always mentioned that great contents need appropriate leveraging in order to maximize their potential. Aside from social media marketing, social bookmarking can help you rip the following benefits:

1. Social Bookmarking helps you brand your blog and build its authority.

By using relevant titles, keywords, and description, this strategy helps you fetch targeted traffic. Once the audience finds your content valuable, accurate, and helpful, there’s a high chance that they will eventually subscribe to your blog. And when there are more subscribers, which can also mean more returning traffic and reputation.

2. Social Bookmarking is an efficient and safe way of building relevant one-way links.

There are plenty of bookmarking sites that consist of High Page Rank and Allow Do Follow link to point to your article summary links. Also, this strategy has a positive impact on Page Rank and Index Rate. By being able to choose the bookmarking sites that consist of a high Pagerank which are good sources of quality links, then your blogs will also improve in ranking.

72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles.
30% of people using their mobile devices to search are also looking for proximity.

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