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The Best Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Online Marketing Strategies

Advancement in technology paved the way for the development of the Internet. It has been beneficial for businesses and the marketing world since it allows them to reach different people from across the globe. The question remains: How do businesses expand their connection? 

Businesses — regardless of their size — reach their target market and potential clients by creating and publishing content to their website through search engines. For digital marketing specialists, investing in online marketing strategies to promote their products and services across the web is no easy feat due to higher competition in the industry. Thus, they lean towards the optimization of their website content through SEO or search engine optimization. It is to relay essential pieces of information to their audience. 

Benefits of Well-Rounded SEO Strategies

Many businesses have adopted SEO as part of their digital marketing strategy due to its effectiveness. Marketing experts have suggested businesses optimize their website. It also drive organic traffic from leading search engines including Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Following their advice can positively impact the goals of a company. SEO plays a vital role in increasing the sales and leads of businesses if they offer a service or product. It can also place a business website on top of the rankings in search engines which translate to more online exposure. Being on the first page of search engine results instills trust since most people find higher rated pages contain more relevant information for their search queries. 



The Five Best SEO Tools to Drive More Visitors to Your Website

  • Google PageSpeed Insights

Delivering a seamless user experience on a business website is an essential factor in boosting a page’s conversion rate. According to recent findings, users can abandon a website in a jiffy if the content takes more than 2-3 seconds to load. Thus, website handlers and business owners should ensure that they take proper care to their website’s speed optimization. 

How it Works: The Google PageSpeed Insights tool is a must-use tool which analyzes the front-end performance of the website and offers optimization suggestions. By entering the website URL, PageSpeed Insights can test the loading time and performance for both desktop and mobile devices. It generates a score between 0-100 points; a score of at least 85 indicates that a website is well-performing. It also includes a user experience score for mobile results and grade tap targets and font sizes.


  • Copyscape

One of the issues that can impact — positively or negatively — any SEO campaign is the presence of duplicate content on the web. Copyscape is a free online duplicate checker which allows businesses to detect similar or plagiarized text content. Unique content is essential for websites or blog posts to place high in the rankings in search engines.

How it Works: Enter the URL of the website or blog post, and Copyscape will notify the user of anywhere else the content exists on the web. It allows them to find stolen copies of the page. Also, it allows to check the originality of the articles to avoid duplicate content.  The user receives automated emails when Copyscape finds any copy of the contents on another website.


  • Google Keyword Planner

If businesses seek more traffic to their website, keyword research is necessary to help them understand the individual needs of their target market. Fortunately, Google has a free keyword research tool which generates a range of monthly search terms – the Google Keyword Planner. 

How it Works: Google Keyword Planner, formerly Google Keyword Tool, is an incredibly powerful tool which has two options to get started. First off, get keyword ideas that can help your business reach your target audience. Then, enter a keyword or phrases in the Keyword Planner, and Google would return all sorts of statistics to guide your keyword strategy, including competition, average monthly searches, and suggested terms to consider.


  • Google Webmaster Tools

To help businesses identify issues with their website, such as malware infection, Google offers a mechanism for webmasters to communicate with them – the Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console. It is a free toolset that helps businesses and website administrators understand the twists and turns of their website.

How it Works: To start, you need to set up a free account with Google and verify that you own the website subject to analysis. Click the “Add Property” button on the left-hand dropdown. You can enter your website URL, but keep in mind that it is a strict entry. Google provides several ways to verify that you handle the website by adding an HTML file to your server, inputting a meta tag, editing your DNS settings, and connecting to your Google Analytics account.  

  • Similar Web

Knowing your online competitors is essential before starting any SEO campaign. In some cases, it is easy to identify the competitors. However, some find it difficult to operate in multiple markets if you have several products and services. Some businesses use Similar Web for auditing the visibility of their competitors. 

How It Works: Users can see website traffic and the metrics for any website including keyword ranking and traffic source.

  • Linkokay

A backlink checker is an essential tool for every website. It is indeed a fact that backlinks can get more traffic for your website. Primarily, backlinks to your website serve as a signal to search engines that others vouch for your content. Moreover, backlinks from trustworthy, popular, and high-authority sites are the kind of backlinks that you need to help boost your SEO. Therefore, if you want to check if your backlinks are dependable, you can use Linkokay.

How it Works: Linkokay lets you monitor and track backlinks easily so you can make     your linkbuilding SEO campaign easier and more effective. This way, you will make sure that the backlinks to your website only came from trusted and reliable sites.

Linkokay tool can be beneficial as it helps you boost your search engine ranking. Also, a higher search ranking will mean an increase in organic traffic. The more quality backlinks that you build on your website, the more search rankings increase. And more organic traffic will come to your site as well. This organic traffic can potentially positively transform your business.

Additionally, using Linkokay as a backlink checker will help you increase your domain authority. Linkokay helps strengthen your overall domain authority with each high-quality links that are built. Domain authority is an important thing to consider in your SEO efforts as it helps build your reputation to your website visitors. Therefore, using a tool that lets you assure the reputation of your domain will be beneficial for your search ranking. 


There are a plethora of SEO tools available online to improve the digital marketing strategies of businesses. These tools work differently, so it is necessary to find what works for your business.

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