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The Ideal Social Media Platforms for Social Media Marketing in 2020

When we think of social media marketing, we automatically assume that we would be working with the industry giants such as Facebook and Instagram. They have solidified themselves as the forefront and most essential tools of the modern online marketer. Despite being in the top positions for such a long time now, their user base just seems to keep climbing. Most people will stick with their favorite platform, especially those with tight marketing budgets. That is why it is vital for online businesses to be strategic with the social media tools and platforms they use. 

The Key to a Successful Social Media Marketing Venture

Every social media platform shares one core concept. However, one may cater to more appropriately over the other and vice versa. Considering that the landscape of the social media marketing industry is continually changing; success means adapting to current trends, including the needs of the market as well as the industry as a whole. 

So, you may now wonder, which social media platforms should you use for your business in 2020? The answer depends on several different factors. This includes the audience you are catering to, the specific goals of your business, the particular type of business you are promoting, and so much more. Great news for you — we took the liberty of compiling this year’s worthy contenders for ideal social media platforms to use by budding social media marketers such as yourself.

Ideal Social Media Platforms in 2020


Facebook will remain on such lists year in and year out as long as their user base continues to rise. Several years have passed since Facebook became a cultural phenomenon, but its momentum seems to be never-ending. As of the moment of this writing, Facebook is still the world’s largest social media platform with 2.41 billion monthly active users. Not only that, their audience is the most diverse compared to every platform available today – thus, making it the most ideal in terms of volume and coverage. As a matter of fact, they also have the most users among each age demographic. 


If it’s social media influencers you are targeting, rather than a common, everyday audience, your best bet is to go with Instagram. Despite being owned by Facebook, the social media platform still boasts a total active user count of a whopping 1 billion people. These users log into the app every day to share photos of themselves, videos with their family, and of course, their favorite brands. Eight out of 10 users follow brands through Instagram. That is precisely who you should be targeting. Entice your Instagram audience to promote your business by way of letting them post your brand through their respective accounts. 


And thus, we complete the big three of social media within this list. Joining Facebook and Instagram as one of the most accessible and widely used platforms in the world is Twitter. This excellent social media platform currently has 330 million active users worldwide. Not only that, Twitter has the accolade of being one of the top 10 websites in the US today. This platform has been the de facto source for the latest news and current trends on a wide variety of topics. This fact makes Twitter the greatest social media channel for sharing brand updates.


Now, if your target audience is professionals, then go for LinkedIn. Major and small companies alike utilize this platform for different types of content, such as company updates, job openings, and even different content, like case studies and whitepapers. With that said, LinkedIn is the most appropriate platform for business-to-business or B2B brands with the goal of reaching business decision-makers and various professionals.


The significant rise of YouTube content creators, it is no surprise that this become the most sought after platforms. It is suitable for a business that wants to promote their brand. Not only does YouTube boast a 2 billion user count, but they are also the 2nd largest search engine worldwide. It is just below Google, the platform’s owner. The most significant perk you can get out of YouTube is the fact that it allows brands. It also has the access to an unlimited volume of video hosting. So, if that is your aim, then YouTube is where you should be.

No surprises there. The top social media platforms of last year are still the ones ahead for this year. As much as other platforms strive to go head to head with these giants, none can still stand against these five. So, if you are looking for the social media platform that is best suited for your social media marketing strategy, then we recommend the ones we mentioned above. Identify which among them fits your bill and do not hesitate to give them a try – spoiler, they are all worth your time.

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