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Why Google My Business’ Latest Update Is Essential for Your Business

Millions of people use Google to search for businesses like yours. A business profile on Google can make you stand out among other competitors. Google My Business (GMB) offers a wide range of features that help businesses reach the potential customer through local listings. Moreover, it allows users to edit their profile and see real-time changes. GMB promotes secure connection to customers as it enables you to respond to reviews, message customers, and see followers in the customer tab. Keeping up with the customer.

Bring more clients to your business — you can make your business known with the use of this application. However, there are things that you should learn to understand the GMB system fully. In fact, lots of services are available online. Most of them offer assistance for starters who want GMB to be a part of their businesses.

“We’ve launched subjective attributes to provide more information in your insights tab! Customers of restaurants and cafes can submit subjective attributes to help you and their fellow customers,” as Google stated in their recent announcement.


Subjective Attributes: What Is It and How Can You Use It in Google My Business?

Google has been collecting information from users about what they think on businesses. Now, they have come up with these ‘subjective attributes’ on the GMB insights. And that is another project that competitive SEO experts could do for businesses.

Attributes in GMB are short statements that say something about your business. They serve as a brief overview of the products or services that you are offering and eventually become the basis of every searcher in deciding whether your business is what they are looking for.

GMB’s update in subjective attributes provides a new way for business owners to know what customers think of their businesses. This new feature can give other customers a clearer picture of what products or services you are offering and why they should choose you. In due course, GMB’s latest update helps to promote your business and engage in a broader market.

Indeed, having a good reputation is an excellent asset to keep.

Google users tend to look at a business profile to determine whether your business fits their needs. Though some only take a glance, your information must be coherent to attract customers, and it is best to add business highlights. Attributes let customers have a preview of your business. Adding relevant attributes to your listing can help customers discover your business on Google. Factual attributes are editable by the business owner; however, your business category determines the characteristics available to you.

There is a significant difference between these attributes. While objective attributes are facts that business owners provide, a customer’s opinion is the basis in subjective attributes.

Customers from the same business before can also pitch in bjective attributes. Once customers suggest the same qualities, recommendations will appear on your dashboard. A regular check of recommendations is essential to keep track of your business.

Since subjective attributes are primarily based on opinions, you cannot choose this attribute as a business owner. This should only be under the control of those browsing your business and submitting answers through Google Maps. Before the public announcement of the subjective attributes option, Google only offered objective attributes to its users.

Subjective attributes are mostly helpful for places such as bars and restaurants. Since your business category provides the only available attributes, you cannot control them. Nonetheless, you can influence them by examining the questions asked by Google. Consider new items that are relevant to your business. You can also highlight your business description and include objective attributes so that users will notice you more frequently.


On GMB’s Reliability: Can You Really Use These Insights on Your Business?

Just like any data gathering system, issues arise from this subjective attributes feature of Google My Business. You can’t always rely on the calls and clicks due to the limited answers that customers can provide. Google only offers three options:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure

They can expand these items and include more options that can potentially be used to train the Google algorithm to determine which questions work and the variations that don’t. However, its system may be manipulated or distorted. There can be fake reviews, which is common in Google My Business. Having this issue can bring inaccurate information to customers and future users. Subjective attributes can’t be changed, which means that if the information is beyond real, alterations are not possible.

Managing a business is tiring, but only if you don’t have the right tools. Google My Business is an excellent platform for promoting your products or services. Most startups consider using this program because today’s demands and trends include convenient searching. If your business is discoverable, then there would be an easy way to catch customers.

Google My Business is such a useful tool if you have the knowledge and expertise. It is always an excellent decision to ask for assistance. MojoSEO helps business owners to increase opportunities by providing various services, such as listing management. You can reach MojoSEO by contacting by phone at 720-439-6175 or email at


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