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Why You Must Never Cross Out Local Listings in Your SEO Success Plan

Since the emergence of different methods for search engine optimization, the pressure on local businesses to make their existence known to the general public has increased. Back in the days when real-world phone books were in-demand, local business owners could sit back and relax; because the customers will do anything to find their brick and mortar location. The past two decades had brought critical changes to the way customers find local businesses.

A large percentage of the population needs to look at Google or run a search using mobile devices to see what they need as well as the nearest location where they could get it. It is the top reason why local entrepreneurs have to take advantage of the local listing method. That’s why they don’t end up losing their business.



Get Visible Online by Taking Advantage of Online Directory Listings


These days, when people need a local service or a product, the first thing that comes into their minds is the internet. They only need to pull out their devices, run a query on the search engine. Within seconds they’ll get the nearby results they are seeking. If a local business is not listed in existing online directories, it would be impossible to show up in the search results.

A local listing is an online mention of the critical information about your business. Today, there are various online directory channels wherein you can submit all the essential details about your business so that a broader audience can find you. The more listings you have on high-performing citation sites, the more chances you have of gaining potential leads. If you have a significant amount of points, then the higher chance you have of getting conversions.


Making Local Listings an SEO Plan Fundamental


Asking questions is all right, but it would be a lot easier if you had a reliable SEO partner that will help you succeed. Listed below are the top benefits you can reap when you decide to work on your local listings:


  • Give your business a significant boost online


Every business has one primary goal: to gain as many customers as possible. Today, almost everything had gone digital; there is no denying that taking advantage of SEO strategies like local listings is a must.

The latest statistics of Google voice search demonstrate that almost 40% of customers’ searches target nearby businesses. This percentage makes it vital for local business owners to have their essential information. This includes the exact location, contact number, specific service or product, and hours of operation, listed online. Enhancing the online visibility of a business attracts higher website traffic.

Local listings also provide search engines the ease in pulling information about a specific business. Once business had proven its consistency and accuracy across the web, it can confirm trust with search engines which can lead to getting higher position in search engine results page.


  • Improve your online reputation to potential customers


Based on the findings of Edelman Trust Barometer, more than 60% of online consumers rely on SERPs more than anything else. A business with good reviews and accurate information on Google is more likely to win customers compared to the ones that do not appear on the results page.


  • Customer feedback and sharing is important


The chance of providing online users the choice of leaving feedback on local businesses shows customer interaction. According to BrightLocal, consumers check at least ten online reviews for local companies before believing that it is trustworthy. They also revealed that 89 percent of consumers read local businesses’ responses to surveys. Therefore, customer feedback is only second to what really matters most.

Running a business means that the owner must do everything to please potential customers. Even if it means making every customer loyal to the company. However, the company must never forget to do everything as it will also have to make sure to give the consumers the best experience that can be valuable feedback on a local business.


  • Greater chances of ranking higher than the competitors


Local listing services help a business to compete with other companies, organizations, and chain stores. It is vital to take note that the size of a business does not matter. This is because search engines determine the placement in the search results based on other factors such as trust, value, and quality.


  • Free online advertising


A lot of small businesses struggle when it comes to the marketing budget. Fortunately, though, a lot of online directories allow local companies to propose their information for free (just like Google My Business). It is a great and practical way to boost brand awareness. It also increases the visibility of the business online without burning cash.

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Kellen Tallada

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